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KOMBUCHA (kuh m-boo-chuh) SUMMER FUN!

Bring the best libation to your summer parties! Get your full 32-ounce DETOX Kitchen Kombucha growler for just $15.00! Bring it back for $10 re-fills!

Kombucha has been around for millennia, touted as a miracle health elixir. It has a large number of benefits — due to the live cultures it contains. The powerful antioxidants in this drink contribute to its anti-inflammatory, gut-healing and even potential anticancer properties. Due to the way it supports a healthy gut, it can help to relieve gastrointestinal issues, improve mental health and fight dangerous bacterial infections. Learn more here:

8 Benefits of Kombucha

1. Promotes disease prevention

2. Supports a health gut

3. May improve mental health

4. Protects the lungs

5. Powerful antibacterial agent

6. Helps manage diabetes

7. Beneficial for the cardiovascular system

8. Helps maintain a healthy liver

Benefits of Kombucha from Dr Axe: https://draxe.com/7-reasons-drink-kombucha-everyday/

Promotion good through July 31, 2019.