Price includes $18 jar deposit that is refunded as store credit when the last set of jars is returned. This clean, organic, vegan-style meal plan contains no dairy, soy, corn, gluten, meat, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, allowing you to give your body a break from the toxins we regularly ingest. The food and snacks are made in-house and freshly prepared the night before each day of the detox. This is not a “juice-cleanse” and you should not be hungry at all throughout the course of the detox. HOW IT WORKS Start your day with at 16 oz of lemon or lime water (just squeeze fresh lemon or lime into filtered or bottled water). Everything else you’ll intake from morning to night, each day, will be provided and ready for you to pick up any time during business hours each day of your detox, ideally first thing in the morning. Follow the simple food plan, eating breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner, and dessert. Expect withdrawls if you regularly drink coffee and/or eat sugar the first day. The daily caloric intake may be lower than you are used to so you may feel a little tired the second day. All symptoms generally pass by the end of Day 3. Be sure to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water each day, preferrably with lemon and/or ginger and get plenty of sleep. Be moderate in your workouts. Kindly rinse all jars and return them the next morning when you pick up your next days' kit. PICK UP LOCATION: 1200 El Camino RealBelmont, CA Price includes $18 jar deposit that is refunded as store credit when the last set of jars is returned.

5 Day Clean Food Detox Plan

  • Each day of the cleanse, try to plan for a walk outdoor in the early mornings when the air is cleanest. Breathe deeply. It feels really good to breathe deeply…


    For the next five days, monitor your thoughts. Thinking bad or negative thoughts about yourself or others, complaining, and gossiping are toxic to our mind and therefore to our body. That doesn’t mean to pretend like a situation is good, just look for the silver lining or change a situation or just your perspective. If you haven’t seen or read The Secret (law of attraction) it’s helpful in forming new ways of thinking.


    Lastly, do your best – set reminders – to go to bed perhaps a little earlier than normal. 10pm is ideal. Sleep is imperative to your health.