5 Reasons


Are you looking to detox but not sure exactly what the benefits may be and how to go about it?

Well, look no further. See below for what you can expect and how we make it super easy for you to join us on the detox fast-track!



Get Slimmer

If weight is a concern, weight loss is a natural side effect of following our detox program. Each of our clients have lost between 2-8 pounds in just 3 days!



Feel Better

Sick of being sick and tired? Allergies, chronic illness, mystery illnesses, frequent colds, migraines, and aches & pains. The longer you detox, the more benefits you'll receive and feel.



Look Radiant

Skin disorders? Psoriasis, eczema, rashes, WTH is wrong with my stuff?... You can lose that annoying issue without drugs (some situations require longer periods of detoxing to improve).



Think Sharper

100% of the people who follow our detox program report dramatically improved mental clarity and better quality sleep.



Improve Digestion

From gas and bloating, to keeping things moving at the right pace and consistency, to effectively absorbing nutrients.

How We Simplify Detoxing For You 

We understand detoxing your body is a fairly complicated process. From knowing what to eat, when and how to eat, and finding the right organic ingredients.

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Organic Fresh

How Does It Work?

Our clean, organic, vegan-style Detox Program contains no dairy, soy, corn, gluten, meat, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, giving your body a break from the toxins we regularly ingest like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers found in conventionally grown food, and allowing your body to naturally begin the detoxifying process.


All meals are made in-house, freshly prepared for your Detox Program and are ready for pick up by 7:30am. Follow the simple food plan outlined when you pick up. Typically this nutrient dense program is sufficient for most individuals, however, if you feel like you need more, adding an apple or two is a great way to supplement as they are high in fiber, hydrating, and delicious.


We ask that you kindly rinse all jars and return them the next morning when you pick up your next day's kit.

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What You Can Expect

If you regularly drink coffee and/or eat sugar, withdrawals on the first day can be expected. The daily caloric intake may be lower than you are used to so you may feel a little tired the second day. All symptoms generally pass by the end of Day 3. This is when most people start to feel more energetic, can think more clearly, and feel much lighter! The longer you detox, the more benefits you will feel.


Be sure to start your day with 64 ounces of water upon waking, preferably with lemon or lime but plain filtered water is fine too. Exercise is encouraged but pay attention to your energy level and listen to your body. For some, detoxing can be exhausting so be sure to get plenty of rest.

What Are You Waiting For?

Detoxing has never been easier! Try a multi-day detox plan with our freshly made-to-pick-up 

3, 5, or 7-day detox cleanse.